Name:   John Richard Coleman
Date of Birth:   23rd April 1966

ACU License :   National
Bike:   Yamaha YZF R6R - 2006
Clubs:   EMRA
North Gloucester
New Era
Series:   SuperSport 600
First Race:
  6th June 2004

The Harley with its proud owner

My first bike, it may have had fat old sissy bands on the tyres
but I loved it. Well, for 10 months, then I sold it and got a CBR 600.

My beloved CBR600 under the bridge at LeMans. OK, the second of my
beloved CBR600s, I put the first one in the back of an estate car....silly boy!

The colours are a bit late eighties, but it's awesome on the track.
The best bike I've ever owned!

Thanks to a friend's misfortune... I get a track bike. Sorry Mike!

My lovely "Blade" - for those times when only 148bhp will do!

What my Yamaha R6R looked like before I took it apart.