31st October 2007 
Mallory Park - Race of the Year
It was a chilly night but as we'd come better prepared with sleeping bags and a proper mattress so I got a decent nights sleep. Sunday's weather was looking good, sunny and not too cold. I stuck on a new set of tyres and decided that I'd only go out in the F600 practice as I saw no point in doing two practices. Practice went well but I was tired after about six laps and couldn't understand it, I was getting arm pump in my left arm and was struggling with the clutch so I came in early. I put it down to just not waking up enough and a tight watch strap.

Race 1 was the Alamo, I got my usual decent start and got into Gerrard's with only about six bikes in front of me which gave me a clear run into Edwina's. I went straight on at Edwina's in lap two or three when I went in too hot but only lost a couple of places. I enjoyed the race but was feeing really tired about six laps in, I had a good race with a couple of bikes swapping places a few times. By the time the last lap flag came out I was more than pleased to see it and finished 13th out of 19 with a 58.157. Quicker than anything I'd done before the last meet but still nearly a second off my fastest ever lap.

Race two for me was the combined F600/F400 race, my start was OK, I didn't gain too many places but again no problems going into Edwina's. Again, I enjoyed the race but was struggling by the end, I knew I could go faster but couldn't physically bring myself to get on the gas harder as I was feeing so tired. I had to pass a few back market 400s but that was about it for the race, I finished 11th out of 20 600s; a little disappointing but I finished the season off in one piece.

When I got home I was whacked and ended up taking Monday off work ill, so I wasn't totally Mr Excuse.

Thanks to Brad & Billie for coming up to watch and the chap who came to chat to me in the paddock, I didn't catch your name but thanks for taking the time out to come over and talk to me.

Next year I'll be racing mostly with NG and DP and doing the Manx GP so it is unlikely I'll be back at Mallory in 2008; except maybe for the Race of the Year.

30th September 2007 
Mallory Park
Beccy and I got a crap nights sleep as we only bought a duvet with us and it was cold enough to need sleeping bags as well. I woke up several times during the night cold and was knackered when I woke up at 7am to take the bike to scrutineering. I stuck a new set of Supercorsa Pros on and scrubbed them in during practice which was interrupted by an earlystocker's brakes ceasing on the straight and then Paul and I weren't let on the track again until the next practice!

Race one, I got an average start as my front wheel lifted high and I had to back off to get it back on the ground. I managed to stick with the lead pack and when Sam Middlemas went past me I was determined to stay with him. I did for a couple of laps and was past by a couple of guys and then one chap on a 1000 just before the finish. I had got over why issues with the entry to Edwinas and was happy to hear I'd been doing 57's consistently and my best lap was a 57.296.

I made I right hash of race two, over cooked it going into Edwinas and went straight on and lost a bucket load of positions, then changed down too many gears when I next came to the same corner and ended up changing into first instead of up to third! To cap it off I over cooked the hairpin and nearly went straight on. After that I settled down and concentrated on catching the pack, I took one guy going into the Lake Esses but after that I just gained on the guys in front. Did my fastest ever lap of Mallory in lap 6, a 57.209; pity everyone else was doing 56s, 55s and even mid-54s.

Race three and four were fun but I was really tired and went back to 58's and 59s, did some good overtakes and feel like I'm back racing again. The last one of the season is the Race of the Year at Mallory on 21st October, hoping it's dry and not too cold.

15th/16th September 2007 
Cadwell Park
Myself and Bex headed up to Cadwell on Friday morning as I had practice booked for the afternoon, the weather was looking good for the weekend and I was hoping to improve on my times from last year. As it was a SuperClub meet I wasn't expecting to be anywhere near the front just wanted to be quicker than last year. Practice went well, I was on an old set of tyres and did late 1:43s and 1:44s, not mega quick by any standards but I'm still working on my confidence in corners so I was happy.


Qualification - didn't go well, wasn't awake, trundled round, qualified 21st on the grid with a 1:45.150 The front runners are doing 1:35s

Race 1 - F600 - Got a crap start but got by a few into Coppice and Charlies and was making good ground on the guys in front. In lap two three went down at Park and we had a restart. My second start was much better, got by a few before hitting Coppice and then a few more into Charlies and on to the Park Straight, after one lap I was up to 11th. I got stuck behind one guy and ended up being past by two. I stuck with that pack and finished 14th with a best lap of 1:41.81

Race 2 - F600 - Anorther good start, made up a bunch of places again, tried to stick with #64 Chris Fabian but he made a pass on the guy in front and buggerd off; I was trying to stick with him as he's a good second or so a lap quicker than me and I wanted him to drag me along. I ended up having a lonely race, and finished 15th with a best lap of 1:42.63 ; bloody hell 8 laps of Cadwell is knackering!

Race 3 - Open - I was 23rd on the grid and finished 15th with a 1:43.05, bloody hell those 1000s are slow round corners, held me up in Charlies and Park and then pissed off down the straights!


Race 1 - F600, 18th on the grid. We had one failed start after a faller at Park and before we even got to a new start a Novice got nudged off in the opening seconds of the sighting lap and I had fun trying to avoid his riderless bike. Once we eventually got going I had a good race but I'm still nervous braking into Mansfield and the Mountain, two places I did most of my overtaking last year! I finished 11th with a 1:41.37 half a second quicker than my best last year

Race 2 - F600 - Great fun, I was getting my confidence back more and had some good tussels. I was with the leaders after the start all the way to the chicane when #64 parked it in front of me, I had to drop a grear and lost another place in the mean time. I got the place back within a lap and near the end got messed up by the F400 leader who nearly ran me off the track at the hairpin. Finished 10th with a 1:42.54

Race 3 - Open - Had a ball racing with the Hornet guys, they are quick into corners but no match for an R6R on the straight bits and fast long corners. 27th on the grid (which was half empty), finished 8th with a 1:41.48 The best part of the last race was that I was getting back to my old self and making moves on people I wouldn't have done a month or two ago, injuries, don't you just hate them!

2nd September 2007 
Mallory Park
Firstly, thanks to Guy for helping me out, Beccy and I had only got back from the Isle of Man on Saturday afternoon and see didn't want to go straight out after being away for a week and riding 220 miles that day.

Race one was the Alamo heat and only six laps, I was gridded 7th and got a good start, I thought I was going to beat Nibbo into Gerrads but I wheelied and had to roll off a bit to get the front back on the ground. I followed the front runners until Edwinas where their superior power (and skill) saw them leave me for dust. I was passed a couple of times into Edwinas, again and had a reasonable race. Paul Huges got passed me with two laps to go and I missed a gear on the Devils Elbow and blew any chance of catching him. I finished 13th and 5th out of the 600s.

Race two the F600 race didn't go particularly well, I started 7th and finished 11th and again was letting people past me into Edwinas, time to do something about that. My fastest time was a 59 dead so I was hoping for some improvement in the next race.

Race three was the Alamo final, another ten lapper. I was 13th on the grid and finished 10th and was 4th out of the 600s but my best lap was a 58.88 so again I was not happy. I felt comfortable in the race and enjoyed it but was disappointed in the lap time.

The final race was the second of the F600 races and another ten lapper, I was starting to feel really tired now. I got away well and stuck with the front runners for a bit. I settled into the race and was 11th chasing 10th, Andy Bell tried to get me going into Edwinas a couple of times but I'd out break him and he failed to get past. In the penultimate lap he went in too fast and parked his bike in front of me. I had to break to a near stop and two other past me and that was me screwed. By the time I got up to speed out of Edwinas I was too far behind to do anything about it, so I finished 13th. The only thing that was more infuriating was my best lap time in that race was a 59.664, utter crap; I'm going to put it down to being knackered!

The day ran well with no stoppages and we were home and unpacked by 8:30pm, which was a first!

The next race is at Cadwell Park on 15th and 16th of September with New Era. I'm looking forward to it as I love the track and will just try to enjoy myself.

12th August 2007 
The weather forecast for the day was rain, but thankfully the Met Office got it wrong again and it was sunny and dry all day. Rather disappointingly New Era were only running one race per class and the F600 race wasn't due until 4pm and the All Comers wasn't until 5:15pm so it meant a five and a half wait after qualifying at 10:15am. Qualifying went well, I did a 1:18 and qualified 19th out of 37. There were some proper quick guys there doing 1:13's, my 1:18 would have had me in the top ten with Derby Phoenix.

The F600 race was 12 laps; I got a reasonable start but lost a couple of places going into Redgate. After a few corners things settled down, I got held up by one guy in a few corners which allowed a couple past. After two laps I was behind a group of four bikes and set myself the task of catching them. After around eight laps I caught them up and in the last lap past two to finish 17th out of 34. I enjoyed the race and my fastest lap time was a 1:18.01 so I felt like I was getting back to my old self.

Race two was a six lap All Comers race and I was grided 19th again with Sam Middlemas to my left, 18th on the grid. I got great start and decided to keep tight in going into Redgate and tussle for position in the pack rather than bottle it round the outside. Sam got held up by a split second in Redgate and I got in front of him and pushed on through the Craner curves. I passed a couple of slower bikes and was passed by at least on, much quicker bike. After a couple of laps I got stuck behind a guy on a 600, he was as quick as me on the straights but slower in some corners; I tried a couple of passes but couldn't quite make it. Whilst doing this Sam got passed me and then ran into the same problem. With two laps to go he made his pass so it was my turn again. On the last lap I held back going into McLenas and got good drive out and passed the guy but then missed my braking point for Coppice. I braked hard and the bike squirmed around so much beneath me I decided I wouldn't make the turn and went straight on into the gravel and dumped it about half way to the tyre wall. I was a bit miffed but I felt I was back to my old self, only gravel rash and a bent crash bobbin bolt on the bike and a fastest lap of 1:17.88, plus my name announced over the tanoy as one of the front running 600s.

29th July 2007 
Mallory Park
Although it chucked it down overnight the weather on the day was good and the track dried out fully before first practice. I went out in the second solo practice and all went well. The first race was the Alamo qualifier, as we did the sighting lap my gear lever was jamming so I had trouble changing down so I was concerned I might not make the race itself. I got a good start but was passed by a few into Edwina's, in the past it had been my fastest place on the track and no one came past me there, not any more. I had trouble with the gear lever and my steering damper mounting was loose. Basically I went backwards, was still nervous and had a crap race.

For race two I'd sorted out the gear lever and steering damper problems so I had no excuses. Again, I got a decent start and headed round Gerrards in fifth but again lost places going into Edwina's. I was getting better but my lap times were still down. Race three was the Alamo final, not a great start but pulled a decent wheelie for about fifty yards, I made a few places up but worked out I wasn't getting on the power enough in the Devils Elbow, it's off camber and I've seen plenty go down there; I've had a few near high-sides there myself. I worked on getting on the power more in the race and that's about all I can say about it.

Race four was the second of the F600 races, again I got a decent start but was lacking on the entry to Edwina's and out of the Elbow. I'm really annoyed that my self preservation mechanism has raised a couple of notches and need to hammer it back down if I want to go faster. All in all it was a disappointing day race wise but as always enjoyed hooking up with Paul and Pam Martin for the weekend.

Next race is on 12th August at Donington, I'm there on the 8th for a track day so want to see some real improvement from last time.

8th July 2007 
Donington Park
The weather was set to be good and both Dave Tooms and Paul and Pam Martin were there so socially it was going to be a good one, and it was. I'm going to lump my first three races into one…rubbish covers it best. I had no confidence and consequently rode badly, I'd not been at this track since April 2006 and that added to my woes. Later that day I discovered that my rear tyre was a 190 section rather than a 180 which made turning the bike more difficult, I had to change both tyres as the tyre guy had run out of Pirelli and Metzellers. Even with the new tyres I was posting 1:25s which really annoyed me, I'd been doing 1:18 last year!

The final race was the Open B final, during the previous race I had built some confidence and past someone who'd gone past me so the racer in me was re-emerging. While I was 31st on the grid the grid positions in the two rows in front of me were empty so I had a clear run off the lights. I made a few places off the start and going through Redgate and for the first time that day I stuck with the guys in front of me. I made a few more places in the next couple of laps and was gaining on the guy in front. Two laps from the end I got stuffed up the inside going into McLean's which knocked my rhythm and was passed by another bike in the process. I stuck with them both to the flag but was unable to get passed either of them. After a disappointing day I was happy with 15th out of 26 and a 1:20.5 lap. I'm back at Donington on 12th August and I'm doing a track day on the Wednesday before so I'm hoping for a better day results wise.

Next one is Mallory on 29th July with EMRA.

28th April 2007 
Mallory Park
After crashing on a track day at Mallory Park on 28th April 2007 practicing for the following Sundays race meet, I broke my collar bone and fractured my ankle which has put a stop to racing throughout May and June. I am hoping to race at Donington on 8th July 2007 with Derby Phoenix, fingers crossed I can get the regs in on time. Otherwise it will be Mallory on 29th July 2007 with EMRA.

1st April 2007 
Mallory Park - Club: EMRA
Bloody hell it was windy overnight, that combined with the air bed going flat made for a rubbish nights sleep. The weather report was good and the wind had died down a bit, but it was still pretty windy, so I was looking forward to a dry days racing. Race 1 was the Alamo qualifier, I got a good start and made up places but after one lap someone crashed at the Lake Esses and we had to re-start (this set the tone for the day). Again I got a decent start and made a few places but as we got to the Devils Elbow someone crashed and then Morton braked due to the red flags and Peter Baker crashed into him taking down another bike; there were bikes and bodies everywhere; the race was abandoned.

My second race was the first of the F600 races of the day; it was a double pointer so I wanted to do well. I made some places up on the start but dropped back during the race and finished 10th, a little disappointing I'm afraid. The next race was the Alamo final, I'd been given 10th on the grid and took a few places on the start and felt like I was staying with the front runners for the first lap. I got taken by a (bloody quick) 250, an R1 and a Honda 600 but stuck with them; the race was stopped after 6 laps of 8 due to a faller. I was happy with my performance and did a mid 58 lap so my confidence was up.

My final race of the day was the F600 race, 6th on the grid and a good start got me to third round Gerard's, one got passed me into Edwina's and one other at the Elbow but I got back passed him with a block pass into Edwina's. I kept fourth for a couple of laps but I missed a gear at the elbow and had a near high-side in the next lap leaving my first darkie on the track and dropped a couple of places. In the end 6th out of 25 was not bad and I beat Sambo who was top of the Championship.

I was happy that I survived a day where so many people crashed, there were crashes in all but 4 of the 20 races in the program. The next one is at Mallory on 6th May; here's hoping with dry, warm, still weather!

25th March 2007 
Silverstone - Club: NG

It was still wet from the rain the night before so the first thing for the day was to swap the wheels around for the wets. Don't buy Oxford paddock stands they're crap, while changing the rear I tripped on the stand and it flipped up and dumped the bike on the floor with no real wheel on it. There were plenty of people around to give me a hand to pick it up and there was no damage thankfully. Practice was useless as some twat had blown his engine up in the previous session and dumped oil all around the track on the racing line, nice one!

Race one was the F600 qualifier, I'd been given tenth on the grid and had stuck with the wets, some had gone for dry tyres but the track was still damp with drying patches so I'd made the right choice. I got a reasonable start and made up places going around the outside of people on the first corner. I was just trying the keep the power steady and avoid the dry patches so I didn't knacker my tyres. Half way through the race my fuel light came on which concerned me but didn't become an issue. I was overtaken near the end of the race by two guys but stuck with them. I got one of them going into the chicane for the last time and should have had the other guy as well but bottled it, 8th wasn't too shabby though.

Race two, by now the sun had been out and the track was dry. Again I got a reasonable start and gained a few places and circulated round in 13th position for three laps, and then it all started going wrong. I got passed by 5 people (two were novices!!!), one going into the chicane for the last time. I decided to take a slow tight line to block anyone from behind and the guy behind me just got a better line and took me on the exit and crossed the line just in front of me. I am really not happy with my performance, not doing a track day there before hand really showed and I my fastest lap was 2.5 seconds down on last year, on a new bike compared with my 6 year old CBR!!!!!

I'm hoping for better things at Mallory on 1st April.

4th March 2007 
Mallory Park - Club: EMRA

This was the first race of the season on a new bike so I was looking forward to it. I'd got out on the R6 on 3rd February at Brands and then 18th and 28th February at Mallory so I'm starting to get comfortable on it. It was wet, very, very wet, I got some dry laps in practice at 9:45am but as predicted by the weather men, at 10:30am the rain started and it didn't stop all day. I'd put myself in the Alamo Trophy Open race as a bit of a practice as I'd not done a start on the new bike, it was race one of the day and the track was extremely wet already. I was 10th on the grid and surrounded by 1000cc bikes which had little advantage in the wet conditions. I got a blinding start and was in second position by the entry to Edwina's, I was passed by one bike on the start/finish straight and then by two more a little later; by now my visor was misting up and I could see very little. Four laps in and the two front guys, Alan Moreton & Mike Bull binned it at the bus stop and the race was stopped, gifting me 3rd, but as it was a qualifier, no trophy.

My second race was the F600 race and I was grided 13th, during the sighting lap there was so much spray I couldn't see a thing so I knew I needed to get near the front to avoid that in the race. They held us on the lights for ages and loads of people false started so when they went out they weren't ready and I was. I went past most of the guys in front of me before entering Gerrard's and exited in second, a position I hung to for a couple of corners until I was passed on the straight after missing a gear. I stayed in third for most of the race until I was passed by two bikes in the last lap, I lost the guys in front and backed off after a big rear wheel slide and they'd caught me. Somehow I finished fourth, I don't know how but I'm not complaining.

By 3pm they'd only got through half the program and the track was so wet the meeting was abandoned. I get double points but as there are two sets of F600 races due to the number of entrants I don't know where that puts me in the Championship. Next one is at Silverstone with NG on 25th March, hoping for dry one.

10 September 2006 
Mallory Park - Club: New Era

We'd driven up that morning through the fog but by the time I went out for practice the sun was out and it was looking like it would be a hot one. Timed practice later that morning didn't go to plan, I got out into the front of the pack and was looking to do an unhindered flying lap but was overtaken down the staright by someone who then held me up in Gerrads and Edwinas. When I finally got passed him the session was red flagged for a faller and that was it. A 58.86 saw me 18th on the grid.

Race 1, got an OK start and tried to go round the outside on Gerrads but was held up, I made a few places up but not as many as I hoped. I did a couple of overtakes during the race and ended up with 14th out of 29 and a fastest lap of 58.95 which was a bit crap.

Race 2 saw me get a great start and make a few places up. Afetr about five laps I started to go backwards, firstly someone did a cracking move going into the hairpin with us going round shoulder to shoulder. The next lap I only dropped one gear into the hairpin instead of two and went through the Bus Stop in third giving about three guys the chance to get passed me in the Devils Elbow. As I went past the line, with no sign of the last lap flag I was knackered. I started thinking, I've got nothing to gain and everything to loose, I'm off the Crete and France on holiday soon plus two days with the California Superbike school in Almeria in October; so I just let people go passed. I ended up 20th with a fastest lap of 59.03.

Roll on next season and a brand new Yamaha R6.

3rd September 2006 
Mallory Park - Club: EMRA
Bloody hell was it windy, I've not seen it like that before, I had 80kg of weight holding down my awning and it still tried to take off several times, this made going round Gerrards interesting with the wind trying to blow you off line! Race one was the Open race, I'd got 21st on the grid and got a storming start, flying past Thorpe who'd got his front wheel in the air. I went past a bunch on the start and everyone took the inside line round Gerrards and the left it open for me to go round the outside and take a bunch more places; by the time I exited Edwins I was sixth. It felt like I was one my own for a few laps but then Mr Thorpe decided he wanted to go past, he tried at the Bus Stop but I just beat him to it but he got me on the straight and into Gerrards, bugger! In the end I finished 8th and well in the top 50%. My second race was F600, I was 17th on the grid and got another good start with places gained round Gerrards and into Edwinas. I was feeling the effects of little sleep over the weekend but pushed on and finished 7th, happy days.

Race three was the second Open race and saw me 4th on the grid, I got a good start but a few of the 1000's flew past on the way into Gerrards, things were going well but a couple of guys had a big off so the race was stopped. The second start went the same way as the first but I forgot what gear I was in by the time I got to the hairpin, put in first and nearly launched myself off the bike on the exit. As it was only a five lapper I had hoped it would work to my advantage as the 1000s would have less time on the straights but I only finished 9th, I had hoped to better my earlier performance.

Race four and I had pole position, an honour I'd not had since a novice race at the end of the 2004 season. I got a decent start but Tye Kinton beat me into Gerrads. I managed to get round the outside of him on the exit and out brake him into Edwinas but on the exit he decided to get past me by trying to ride through me and nearly had me off the bike. The resulting contact left me with a break lever bent 90 degrees and pointing forwards. I though I might have to drop out but I could get two fingers on it so carried on. Bones went hoofing past and some point and Michael Price did me into Gerrards, I got him back by going round the outside of him but he beat me in to Edwinas and that was the last I saw of him. I finished 5th so all in all a good day out, and hopefully the last signature needed for my National.

29th/30th July 2006 
Cadwell Park - Club: New Era
We gone up on Friday again and did an afternoons practice, this time it was dry and I stayed upright; and put in a few 1:44 laps. I had decided to put a new set of tyres on for qualifying to give me the best grid position for the weekend, I did a 1:43.65 which gave me 18th on the grid. I was a little disappointed but as there were 36 in the race as long as I held my position I'd be able to get a signature for my National license.

There were a couple of BSB and R6 Cup boys at the front of the grid so it would make getting top 50% more difficult. In race 1 I got a crap start and dropped back a bit, I made some places up around Coppice and pushed hard through the race. I finished 18th but there were a few offs so it wasn't good enough for a signature. I had a better start in Race 2 and made places up in the first couple of corners, with a couple of overtakes into Mansfield and the chicane I got 15th out of 31, job done. There was no pressure for race three, I was 26th on the grid and there were a bunch of thousands so I decided just to enjoy myself. I got a good start and overtook at least 6 bikes on the second corner but to no avail as a bad crash at Mansfield had the race red flagged. Start two was OK, I had a good tussle with a GSXR 1,000, we passed each other a couple of time but I beat him to the post.

Race 1 on Sunday saw me get a reasonable start and fought my way past a couple of people to finish 14th out of 32…that'll be my National license, sorted. The pressure was off for Race 2 but I still wanted to do well, I made contact with another bike on the exit to Coppice and he knocked me out of gear. I quickly sorted myself out and pushed hard to regain anything I lost. I worked myself up from 13th to 10th with more overtakes on the brakes into Mansfield and the chicane but then my arms gave up, I was knackered. I dropped back to 13th but with a novice in front of me I wasn't going to let him get away, I got past him on the last lap in the chicane and stayed in front to finish 12th.

After being told in May by the ACU that coming 15th out of 29 at Brands would count for my National license upgrade they have now told me it doesn't so I am still one signature short. Roll on Mallory on 3rd September.

8th July 2006 
Silverstone (National Circuit) - Club: North Gloucester
Guy and I had slept in a tent in the garage as they were so big and there was so much space. The weather was looking good and after practice on an old set of tyres I stuck a new set on for the Open qualifier race. I'd decided to throw this race so that I got in with the slow guys for the final and guarantee a top 50% finish. I took a gentle trundle around, scrubbing in the new tyres and finished 30th, job done. Race two was the F600 qualifier and I wanted to do well, with my usual good start I made places going into and around the first corner, after that it was just get your head down and push hard. I made up a few places during the race and nothing came past me. Going into the last lap I got close enough to the guy in front who I'd noticed was slow through the last chicane. I took the outside line on the entry, having the inside for the exit. He didn't like being overtaken and rode into the side of me which gave someone else the opportunity to go past the both of us, one place gained and lost in one move. The guy I past was annoyed and shot past me after the flag and then realised he had no front brake lever and crashed. He made a complaint about my riding but the clerk of the course was very relaxed about it; some people just don't like being passed, maybe they should stick to track days.

Race three was the B final, 15th on the grid and a good start saw me making up places into the first corner and all in all I had a fun race and finished 6th. I was a little nervous for the F600 final as I wanted to do well, I had another fun race, took a few places on the first corner only to loose them later on. I had a good tussle with a couple of bikes during the race and enjoyed it. I finished 13th out of 37 so another signature towards my National license, didn't need to throw the Open in the end. Thanks to Guy for all his help.

24th/25th June 2006 
Brands Hatch - Club: North Gloucester
The weather was looking good for the weekend and I put a new rear tyre on so I was hoping to get below 53 seconds for a lap. My first race went well, 22nd on the grid and in with the 1,000s so I was happy with finishing 14th but disappointed with a best lap of only 53.95. The F600 qualifier also went well, I got a good start and past plenty of people going round Paddock and Druids and ended up finishing 5th, I was piped to the post in the last lap for fourth, 53.46, getting better. I'd qualified 11th on the grid for the F600 race and 23rd for the Open race so I just cruised round in the Open, hence my best lap being 54.97, as I wanted to save myself for the F600 race. I got another good start in the F600 race but someone stalled on the grid, thankfully he put his hand in the air and I spotted him early and managed to miss him. I made up a couple of places but also go passed a couple of times. One back market was SO slow I doubled lapped him and the first time I saw him going into Paddock I couldn't believe how slow he was and nearly hit him. He shouldn't have been there; his best lap was 1:06!!!! I finished 13th out of 33 so another signature for the license, job done.

Sunday was going to be an easier day with only two races but I was knackered after Saturdays racing. As there were less people around there was only one F600 qualifier race and they gave me 23rd on the grid which I was none to happy about. I got a cracking start and started scything my way through the field, this time I knew what the slow guy looked like and could avoid him easily. I pushed hard and had a couple of slides but did a 53.17 and finished 10th out of 31. The final went OK, three bikes went down on the first lap at Druids, one behind me which I thought was going to take me out, but I got away with it. I was knackered during the race and really had to push myself. I got screwed up in the last bend by a back marker and lost a place. Still I finished 12th out of 24, another signature for the license.

29th May 2006 
Brands Hatch - Club: New Era
The weather was going to be the big factor, rain was forecast and we'd already had some spitting before 8am. I had two practice sessions, one untimed, one timed, the first at 9am and the other at 11:10am. It stayed dry for the first but half way through the second it began to rain, I decided to come in just as the session was red flagged. We were given ten minutes to change tyres but the rain stopped as we came in and the track dried immediately. I qualified 21st which I was disappointed with as I'd put in a 54.13 second lap, the front runners were doing early 51's!

I got a good start and made up places by going round the outside of the pack round Paddock Hill bend and Druids. I passed one guy going into Graham Hill bend and got my head down to catch the pack in front. In the later stages of the race I was passed by a couple of guys and worked hard to get by the guy in front, nearly highsideing coming out of the Clark bend on the last lap; but to no avail. I finished 15th out of 29 finishers which just squeaks me in under the post for a signature on my license.

Another good start in race 2 saw me up to around 17th, I got past one guy but he immediately passed me and held me up going into Surtees and round Clearways, after two laps a pack of about three guys made it passed me. I then screwed up the entry into Surtees and came into Clearways too hot and only just kept it off the grass. I settled down, sorted my head out and spent the rest of the race catching the pack in front but never got close enough to make any passes.

No so many riders here as at Mallory and a bunch of ACU Academy boys who were bloody quick made things tough, but it stayed dry until I left and I had a good day.

14th May 2006 
Mallory Park - Club: New Era
This was the first time I'd been at New Era race since Cadwell so I was hoping to do well after only qualifying 30th in March. Although there had been an hour of drizzle during scrutineering by the time I went out for qualifying things had dried up. I didn't get a fully clear lap and only did a best of 1:00.9 but this was good enough to get me 16th on the grid. I was a bit nervous for race 1 and got a crap start, being on the inside made Gerrards tricky as everyone brakes and I don't, I needed to be on the outside so I could power round people. Thankfully for me (not the guy who crashed) the race was stopped after one lap. Start two went much better and I gained a few places. I ended up behind a group of four bikes and it was the same old story, they pull away down the straight and I'd be back right behind them by Edwinas. I can complain though I finished 10th out of 31 so another signature closer to a National license.

Race two went well; I got another good start and made up a few places around Gerrards and into Edwinas. They guys in front pulled away from me while I was trying to get past a guy in front. Once past him the gap was way too big for me to catch up, but I finished 8th so I was very please. Next one, Brands Hatch on 30th May.

22nd April 2006 
Donington Park (National Circuit)
My first race was an Open race so I was mixing it with the 1,000cc bikes. I was 24th on the grid and got a good start, making up a few positions and made more up going round the outside round Redgate and towards the Craner Curves. As I tipped left some arse decided to try and go up the inside of me, messed it up and ran me off the track. I ran across the grass for about 150 yards before I went across a gravel trap. I stayed on but the drag on the wheels made the bike weave so that when I got on the grass again, being so damp, I lost the front and down I went. As the grass was so wet nothing dug in and there was very little damage to the bike. A quick wash down and I was ready for race two, F600 qualifier.

I was 15th on the grid and was determined to do well after what happened in race one. Again I got a good start making up a good few places on the first few bends. The race went well, no one went passed me and I took a few places during the race and finished 6th, one more signature on the race license and one step closer to a national license.

As I was a DNF for the Open qualifier I was put in the non-championship race and at the back of the grid, 41st. I had a good race, blasted through the field throughout and finished 11th; 8 of the 10 bikes finishing in front of me were 1,000's, so I was very happy.

I'd qualified 11th on the grid and was looking forward to the race. I got another good start but got cut up going round Redgate, stood the bike up for a split second and it felt like half the field went past. I fought as hard as I could through the race but finished 20th….Arse!

25th & 26th March2006 
Cadwell Park, UK
I got to a wet Cadwell Park on Friday lunchtime as I had practice booked for the afternoon. The wet didn't bother me until on my fifth lap I lost the front going into the left of Hall Bends, slid along the track and onto the grass. I managed to hold on to the bike and stopped it flipping which meant, apart from being covered in mud there was very little damage. Owing to someone dumping oil over the track that was the only session I got out in.

Timed practice on Saturday was a nervous affair as it was wet and the first time I'd been out since crashing. I tiptoed round for most of it plus was held up on my "flying lap" by some knob practically stopping when going round the hairpin. I ended up qualifying 30th!!!!

Race 1 was dry but with my confidence knocked I got a poor start and didn't ride particularly well and finished 31st. Race two was only slightly better but at least my lap times were improving and I was getting used to "getting air" over the mountain. I was booked in for the Clubman race at the end of the day but it got moved to Sunday due to fading light.

They put the Clubman race as race 1, with the F600 race being race 1 it now meant I was out in race 1 and 2. As I'd put new tyres on I decided to use The Clubman race as practice and to scrub my new tyres in. I came in early, refuelled and went out in the first F600 race. I got a good start, took a load of people going into Coppice but the race got stopped. The restart went well and I made up a bunch of places and had a good race, finishing 25th. Race 2, again, I got a good start and moved up a few placed but was held up by a 600RR. While trying to get passed the RR I got passed by a few but regained a place going into the mountain on the last lap. It was a good race; my confidence was back and my lap times respectable.

I'm hoping July at Cadwell will go better, I'm praying for dry weather. I've got Mallory and Brands with New Era before then so I'm hoping to do a lot better at tracks I really know.

5th March 2006 
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK
I had decided to use EMRA's first race day as a practice day, which in hind sight wasn't the best idea I've had, I really should have done a testing day before racing. Race one was an Open race so I was mixing it with 1000cc bikes, one being ridden by BSB privateer rider Michael Pensavalle. The race went OK but I felt really rusty and didn't feel comfortable on the bike. I finished 12th out of 21 which was OK but my lap times were rubbish. My second race was an F600 race, again I didn't feel anywhere near as comfortable as I had at the end of last season and again my lap times were rubbish. Overall everyone's lap times were slow, it must have been the cold weather. I finished 11th out of 28.

The second Open race in the afternoon was a similar story however I was starting to settle down on the bike and my lap times were dropping. I started 29th on the grid, i.e. last by a country mile so I shouldn't complain about finishing 11th out of 19. By the time I did my last race of the day, an F600 race I was feeling a lot more comfortable. I'd been given 5th on the grid and got away well getting past a couple of people. I was third for a while but got passed going into the bus stop and finished 4th out of 27 which isn't too shabby. Roll on Cadwell Park at the end of the month.

2005 Season
16th October 2005 
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK
This was the last race of the season, as I was 48 points ahead of third in the championship with only 30 points maximum available the pressure was off. However the pressure was back on as the EMRA race day was combined with the Dunlop Moto 1 Spectacular and Race of the Year. We were sharing the day with the like of Frankie Chili, Chris Walker, Karl Harris, Steve Plater, Craig Jones and both the Hawk Kawasaki BSB team riders. Because of the big event, a few thousand spectators rather than the few hundred we are used to, the format was different, practice took all morning and all Championships were one longer race. I entered myself into the Supersport 600 race as there was no novice race.

Practice for the 600 race was timed and I managed to qualify 9th out of 19 with a fastest lap of 58.242, not bad for a Roadstocker. The race was 15 laps so I was glad I go to the gym regularly, I had a good tussle with the people around me and was pleased to beat Jason Heritage who's ridden the Manx TT with 108 mph lap on his 2005 RR. In the race I did a fastest lap of 58.484 and finished 8th. I was very please with this but Thorpe, who is first in the 600 Roadstock championship came 2nd and did a 56.878 on a stock GSXR600!

I was determined to do well in the Roadstock race and got a good start, I was second for most of the 12 laps and tussled with Bones for a while until the superior power of his bike left me on the straight, so I finished third. A bit disappointed, but hey, I finished second in the championship in my first full season and I have 23 trophies sat on my TV and mantelpiece; not bad going if I say so myself.

18th September 2005 
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK
This was my first race since I crashed so I was a little nervous. I was given 14th on the grid which I was happy about, I wanted a good result to help get my confidence back. I got away well after Paul Errington caused a false start but everyone is getting the hang of things and I did not make up as much space as I'd hoped. Nathan got by me round the outside but I got passed him after a lap. Thorpe went passed after about three laps and then he and I were held up by Errington. Dodwell messed up at the hairpin which enabled me to put some space between me and Dave Stewardson who's found some real form. I had a high side moment coming out of Edwin's on the last lap but got away with it and was very happy with second in class.

Race two I was 22nd on the grid and it was tough making up places. Nathen kept blocking my line into Edwina's so I had to "do him up the inside" going into Gerard's. This tussle held me up and Thorpe and Stewardson got away. I shouldn't complain about third, I had to beat both Nat and Nathan and I achieved this, but only just as Nat nearly piped me to the line.

Dave Stewardson did not take his position on the grid for this race so I thought first would be mine, how wrong was I. Danny Walker who'd been nowhere in the previous two races pulled away. I thought he was on a thousand so I let him go! I had a huge moment at the Esses, I got the wrong line and went over the rumble strip. The front wheel twisted right and slipped left, I should have come off but someone was looking after me and the tyre gripped the tarmac and the bike instantly settled down; all luck no judgment.

The last race of the season is one race event of 12-15 laps. There are only 30 points maximum available so I've got second in the championship as Natalie Creed can't catch me.

31st July 2005 
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK
The weather looked somewhat cloudy but the forecast was dry. I got through the new scrutineering with no problems and was looking forward to another good days racing. During practice I hooked up with Nathan and Natalie but I was in knob setting and pulled crap overtakes on both of them. I'd got fifth on the grid so was very pleased, all I had to do was be sensible....arse! Lap four I was chasing the front runners, the'd held me up in Edwinas a couple of times already. Coming out of Edwinas I'd been slowed so much I dropped a gear to get drive. By the time I'd got to the hairpin I think I'd lost what gear I was in. All I remember is seeing the rev counter hit 13k and the next thing I was on the deck. The marshalls were brilliant so I didn't get run over. Four hours later I was out of hospital but with a broken collar bone.

All I'd achieved was a bashed bike, a bashed me and no championship points....not happy.

10th July 2005 
Darley Moor, Derbyshire, UK
It was another hot day, which was lucky as most of the local riders seemed to think it was a rarity and that it normally chucks it down. I had thought about re-gearing the bike to a 47 tooth rear sprocket but in the end if felt, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I had thought grid positions would be out of the hat like last time so I was a little anxious about getting a good one. But in the end they were allocated and I got 12th for both races which I was pleased with. It doesn't matter so much at Darley as the grid is so short. Race one went off without a hitch, I got my usual good start and was through the chicane with the front runners. Horsepower is everything at Darley as it has a few decent straight bits so the top 1,000's pulled away. I stayed in front of Thorpe for a couple of laps but he got passed me and put a lot of distance between the two of us by the end.

Race two was similar to race one, a good start but this time it took Thorpe four laps to get by, roll on Mallory, I can beat him there. Race three was a newcomers race, not just Roadstockers, I was in with the Supersport 600s so I wasn't expecting a good result. However half the entries didn't bother so there was only four of us in the field. It was a staggered grid with 250's off first, 400's next 20 seconds later, then us 600s another 20 seconds later and the 1,000s 10 seconds behind us….very odd. I was absolutely chuffed with being the first 600 over the line as I expected to get slaughtered by the local boys. Another good days racing and everyone stayed upright.

3rd July 2005 
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK
At six am I could hear the heavy pitter patter of rain on the tent but buy nine am the sun was out and it stayed that way for the rest of the day. I was not happy to find I'd been given 26th on the grid for my first race and 20th for the second and 19th in the third, I'm second in the championship for "F" sake! I got away well and went for the outside line round Gerard's as the inside looked very busy and this decision paid off, with a quick run through Edwina's I was up with the leaders and just rode like hell. Thorpe got tangled up with Nathan and Natalie and with Kevin Tait coming off at the Devils Elbow I got a very respectable 5th with first in class.

Race two saw me get another good start but it was for nothing after a big off at the hairpin with four bikes involved, which meant a restart. Lucky for me I was away well again but after four laps Thorpe passed me followed by Mark Hornett on his GSXR 1000 at the hairpin which threw me a little and messed up my chances of staying with Thorpe. I finished 6th with a 2nd in class which helps consolidate my championship position.

Race three saw me passing a bunch of people on the start and I would have had a few more at Edwin's had the guy I was going round the outside of not cocked up his braking and pushed me cross country. Due to this I lost quite a bit of distance on the front runners. One of them came off at Gerard's and I was able to make up nearly 100 yard gap over the next four laps. I had hoped to get passed Dodwell as he got held up going through the Bus Stop on the last lap but I did not have enough time before the chequered flag and I was second by two tenths of a second.

19th June 2005 
Darley Moor, Derbyshire, UK
It was hot, very hot but at least it was looking dry all day. I was a little concerned that I may have to change the gearing slightly as the back straight is very long but as I was hitting the breaking point before I hit the rev limiter in 6th I left it as is. Grid positions were out of a bag so I was lucky to get fifth, I got a good start and was second going into the first chicane with Tait already pulling away on his £30,000 GSXR1000. I held second place for four laps but Thorpe hacked his way from the back of the field and not only got past me but also pulled away. I held third place to the chequered flag and was happy with second in the 600 class.

Race two saw me 15th on the grid, I got away well and pushed my way past one guy and got up to around fifth by the chicane and held on even though I did a little grass tracking. I tussled with Arron Dawson who was on a 750, I could do him on the corners but he'd come past on the long straight. In the last lap we both got past Carl Dodwell on another 750 and I finished 6th overall with another second in class.

The last race was already a small field, plus a few people didn't bother, including Thorpe as they'd done other races in the day and the heat had taken it out of them. Yet again I had a good start and tussled with Dawson throughout the race. I finished third overall, first in class….saying that, the worst I could have done was second in class!

30th May 2005 
Mallory Park, UK
Another changeable day with showers forecast and they were not wrong, the rain started at 8am so practice was on wets. By the time my first race came round the sun was out and the rest of the day was looking dry. We were back in with the 1000's so I knew things would be more difficult than last time. I was 13th on the grid, I got a reasonable start but Thorpe (who started behind me) did also and found a better path through the traffic. I got held up by a couple of 1000's round the corners but was left behind on the straight; giving Thorpe the chance to get away, I shouldn't complain about 2nd!

Race two I was 20th on the grid with Thorpe 16th and directly in front of me so the plan was to stick to his arse like shit to a blanket; which I did. After two laps I saw an opportunity to get past him and a 750 going into Edwina's but I was being too hopeful. I ended up grass tracking over the chicane and loosing three places which took me the rest of the race to make up. Yet again a couple of bigger bikes got in the way and held me up.

Race three, 16th on grid, same story as the previous two races, I got a good start and was then held up by a couple of 1000's. Thorpe pulled a great overtake on the gits that were holding us up, going into the Bus Stop and that was it, another second place.

8th May 2005 
Mallory Park, UK
It was a blowy day and the weather was very changeable, this made tyre choice very difficult; one minute it would be sunny then minutes later it would tip it down and be clear again within a few minutes. For the first race I opted for wets as Natalie and Nathan had both but them on, it turned out to be a wise choice. As it was a Novice day, grid positions were lolly sticks from a tin and I got 18th. I got a very good start, ploughed my way through the field and by half way round Gerard's I was in first position. I expected to be passed any minute but it did not happen. After three laps I looked behind me and saw no one; I thought the race had been stopped but carried on as I saw no flags. In the end I won by nearly eight seconds, my first win; I was well chuffed.

Race two started late as there had been a fatality in the first race after lunch. The weather had settled and I opted for dry tyres and was luckier with the grid position and got 4th. Another good start had me in front but I screwed a couple of corners up trying too hard and lost two positions but quickly regained the lead. After a good tussle with who I found out later was the championship leader, I held first position and got my second win of the day, and an "official" lap time of 58.58!!!!!!!

Race three was all the roadstock novices together including the thousands, I got third on the grid. I got a good start but a guy on a 750 piped me to Gerard's, I tried too hard to catch him and cocked up a few corners and he got away. The rest of the race was uneventful and I came second over all but my third win of the day in class.

9th & 10th April 2005 
Brands Hatch, UK
I've ridden at Brands Hatch quite a few times before, it was the first track I ever did a track day at and I have ridden there every year since. This was not part of the championship I race in with EMRA, this was an event organised by New ERA, I was there just to get rid of my novice bib. I was competing in the SuperSport 600 class, as most of the bikes were 2004 models I expected to be bringing up the rear. Practice number two was timed for qualifying and I was pleasantly surprised to get 16th on the grid, out of 24. The big shock was that all the races were 12 laps, I'm only used to 6 at Mallory! Race one went well and I had fun tussling with a couple of bikes. I kept getting caught up on the straight as my bike was geared for Mallory but I was good on the brakes into Druids and fast into Graham Hill and Surtees. The tyres squirmed around a bit, as the weather was looking good for the whole weekend I took the wets off my spare wheels and had a set of SuperCorsa Pros put on and boy what a difference they made. Race two and three were very much like race one but I was tussling with a different bunch as I was going quicker on the better tyres. All in all, a fun days racing.

Day two was another fun day, good racing in both Supersport Races and I was getting respectable lap times and finishing positions. I was knackered by the end of the second race and kept wishing them to wave the final lap flag which seemed to take them ages. My last race of the weekend was race 12, a novice race, the event before was a go-kart race, 250cc two cylinder machines that do 0-100 in 4.5 seconds and tops speed in excess of 150mph. Unfortunately there was a big crash involving 6 karts and one of the drivers was killed. I thought the day would be cancelled but they called us out to race and then had us sat in the holding area for 45 minutes. Everyone's tyres went cold, they gave us two warm up laps but it wasn't enough and one of the front runners crashed and was injured. We waited another 15 minutes and then did another two warm up laps and then did a short 6 lap race.

In the end it was a great weekend marred by a fatality and then piss poor organisation at the end.

3rd April 2005 
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK

There were a few delays during the first few races so my first race wasn't until after lunch. I was give 17th on the grid and got a decent start, although it didn't feel like it at first as all the 1000cc bikes around me got away equally quickly.. I managed to get past a few people and push hard, however the race ended prematurely due to two fallers at Edwina's, one didn't get up and was ambulanced off. I finished 8th over all and second in my class, trophy number one of the day. To make thinks even better I beat my best lap time by a whopping 1.3 seconds to achieve 1:00.1.

Race two I was 16th on the grid, got away well, good bit of fighting for places including a bit of knee bashing going into the Bus Stop. This race finished half a lap early, unfortunately my mate Greg Roberts high-sided coming out of Gerrards at 130mph and trashed his bike; he was OK though. I got 8th over all and 3rd in class; Aubrey Round was back, hence third not second.

I decided to take it easy during race three after seeing Greg trash his bike, but after getting 12th on the grid and into the race all my thoughts of care went out of the window. I cocked up my braking into Edwina's and ended up with my back wheel a foot in the air and narrowly avoided crashing. I had a great tussle with Aubrey and ended up beating him by two places! I finished 8th over all and third in class; third trophy of the day thank you very much.

As Aubrey was not in the first race I may have sneaked enough points to take second in the championship!!!!!!!!

6th March 2005 
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK

Bloody hell was it cold, it was REALLY cold. Sleeping in the back of a van in the paddock over night when it's -3C outside is not to be recommended or repeated; I owe Beccy BIG STYLE. Practice started late as they were clearing the track of ice….I told you it was cold. The first Roadstock race of the season went well; I was 15th on the grid but got a good start and made up quite a few places which was then reduced by getting stuck behind someone going round Gerrards. I had a fairly un-hassled race until the last lap when what I thought was an R1 went past me into Edwina's, I under-braked him and got past up the inside only to be got at the hairpin. It wasn't and R1 it was an R6 and he took 3rd place from me…arse!

Race two I was determined to get a trophy, I was 14th on the grid and again got a good start and made up a few places. I pushed hard and was in 2nd place for most of the race, only to be overtaken at the end of the fifth lap by my nemesis, Aubrey Round; I hate people who are better riders than me! Some credit to me though, he was on a CBR600RR. I held my own for the rest of the race and got 3rd place, trophy time!

Race three saw me 11th on the grid, another good start and a few places made up, I got my head down and pushed hard, by the end of the race I was grinding my exhaust guard going round Gerrards. I was held up by a guy on a 1000 and it took we a couple of laps to get past him, by then the pack had got too far in front so I had to settle for fourth again. I did my best ever lap 1:01.4, I want sub a minute before the year is out.

2004 Season
26th September 2004  
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK

I got a poor start in the first race and tried to go up the inside going into the first bend and got boxed in, I was playing catch up for the rest of the race. I also slowed down after someone crashed which was stupid, only slow down if the red flags come out!!! Race two was better but I still had the same crap grid position, I made a bee-line for the outside this time and moved up the pack a bit. I had to go round the outside of a 750 and a 954 on a couple of overtake manoeuvres which slowed my progress, but was a lot happier with the race overall. Race three was fun because I'd been lucky enough to draw poll position out of the hat. I got a good start and my name and number was read out over the tannoy (I'm easily pleased) a few times. I did trade paint a bit when a couple of guys botched an overtake manoeuvre going into Edwina's but otherwise the race was uneventful. I was a bit disappointed I did not do better than 4th, I'd hope to round off the season with something to go on the mantelpiece; there's always next year.

5th September 2004 Mallory Park, Leicester, UK
I'd put a set of Pirelli Diablo Corsa tyres on so I was hoping to improve my lap times this meet, which I duly did. The first race went well, I got a good start and made up quite a few places by halfway through the first lap. Natalie Creed (who is currently running 6th in the championship) came past me after four laps and he boyfriend followed suit but I was not keen to let him pass. He came up the inside of me coming into Edwina's and I decided to shut the door on him, but he was very determined not to let Natalie get to far away so we traded paint a bit. I was happy with the result and did a 1:01.8 lap. Race two was mad, too many nutters, a crash after three laps, race stopped, the less said the better. Race three was excellent, again I was trying to stay in front of Natalie, she got past but the race was stopped after 4 laps due to a crash and was restarted. I got a very good start, Natalie passed me after two laps but I then passed her and her boyfriend (who was on a 750) and two others (one of which was on a 2002 FireBlade!). I stayed ahead of them and finished 9th which I was really chuffed with, along with the 1:01.5 lap time.

1st August 2004 Darley Moor, Derbyshire, UK

In race 2 on Sunday I was chasing Natalie Creed whose GSXR 600, I later found out, puts out 120 bhp against my 96 bhp. She started on poll position against my 19th but I got to 7th by the first chicane. On the straights she'd pull away but I'd catch her on the corners and chicanes, by lap 6 out of 8 I was close enough to pull an overtake going into a corner. I put the bike up the inside and under braked her into the corner but somehow I managed to stall the engine and the back locked (I must have dumped the clutch too quickly/early when changing down). I knew what had happened but seemed to refuse to accept it and continued to slide.....sideways! I crossed in front of Natalie and clipped her front wheel but thankfully she stayed upright, and I went on to go straight into the kitty litter, staying upright and not a mark on the bike. Well, that's my excuse for coming last and I'm sticking to it, I did do my fasted lap of the weekend in that race, so it shows I was trying.

31st July 2004 Darley Moor, Derbyshire, UK
This was a new track to me so I really needed to get some good practice time in, but sods law, it rained! It was only a shower and by the time practice had finished for the morning the sun was out and the track was dry. I got good grid positions for my three races, 7th, 6th and then 5th and was happy with my performance; I was getting progressively quicker and was pleased with my finishing positions. Because of the rain in the morning I'd stuck with the Avon SP's and was very pleased with them, the back would slip a bit but gave enough feedback to make even a novice like me comfortable with the movement.

11th July 2004 Mallory Park, Leicester, UK
This was my first full field race day, June had been Novice only so it was time to "mess with the big boys". I felt I was settling into things as I knew where everything was so I could concentrate on the racing a bit more. The first race ended up being only 5 laps and one guy over-cooked it into the hairpin, did a rolling stoppie and crashed into the back of the bike in front of me. The whole day was full of crashes and lunch was skipped to save time, even Bob high sided it coming out of Edwina's. While his bike was quickly repaired by his mates his foot was too painful for him to continue the day. I was happy with my performance although my quickest lap time was no quicker than in June; time for a set of Rennsports!

6th June 2004
Mallory Park, Leicester, UK

We turned up at the track on Saturday evening at about 5:30pm and were able to pitch up next to Bob Nicholas and his other half Andrea. I'd met Bob in March and he'd been very helpful when I'd bombarded him with questions. Bob had done a few races last season so he was able to show me where to go for scrutineering and where to sign on. I got through scutineering without any problems but failed the noise test during practice, thankfully only by a very small amount so they let me off. Obviously my first race was nerve racking, but once over I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the start, even though I'd never done one before, it's a bit like burning off the boy racers from the lights. I was happy to finish without crashing and especially enjoyed the final race as it was eight laps and I settled into it a bit more. I also lapped three kids on 125's; I'll be proud of that one day when one of them is World Superbike champion!