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The Harley on our wedding day
A bike even made it as part of my wedding day,
I scared the Best Man crapless on the way to the church!

First Bike
Me with my shiny new first bike, plus mother and dads horrible old Astra.

Brands Hatch in the Sun
A sunny day at Brands Hatch. Come on it is my first ever track day!

Snetterton a year later, nearly, just get your bum off the bike a bit more.

Brands Hatch ...Touchdown!
Three months later at Brands, TOUCH DOWN!!!!! Pity I put the bike into the back of a car three days later.

Brands Hatch 2002
Brands Hatch 2002, does my bum look big in this?

Brands Hatch 2002
Brands Hatch 2002

Lydden 2003
Richard Stoney & myself at Lydden, May 2003

Cadwell Park 2003
What Darth Vader gets up to on his day off!

Cadwell Park 2003
The Mountain at Cadwell. Call that a wheelie..... Pah!

Cadwell Park 2004
Now....THIS is a Wheelie!

Cadwell Park 2004
Cadwell Park, bottom of goose neck.

It wasn't me...enough said!

...oh no! Not both sides!